Breakfasts are a special part of your bed and breakfast stay at Hoffman Haus in Fredericksburg, Texas. A chef’s choice plate is brought to your door, in a picnic basket, each morning at nine, with a discreet knock and a cheerful “good morning!” Many of our dishes are guest’s favorites which have been on our menu since we opened our doors, and we love adding new recipes too! Our kitchen staff recognizes that some guests have special dietary needs, be they gluten free, vegan, diabetic, or vegetarian, which we are happy to accommodate. Come experience our traditional bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Special chef prepared breakfasts at a traditional Fredericksburg, Texas bed and breakfast. "Bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas." A Fredericksburg, Texas bed and breakfast at the Hoffman Haus. Fresh morning muffins at the Hoffman Haus bed-and-breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas. breakfast scones at the Hoffman Haus bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg, Texas